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Jibe-iT Goat Farm in Redding, Connecticut

Check out pix from Goat Larp 1


GOAT LARP will take place at the Jibe-iT goat farm in Redding, Connecticut.

Date: TBD

Rain Date: the week after

Address: Redding, CT 

Cost: $45

Time: Event opens at 1 PM. Ends after sunset.

Food: TBD

Alcohol: Bring your own if you want. Be responsible.

Tickets: Stay tuned for link


In the evening, we'll have a bonfire where you can sacrifice old larp stuff.

The event will formally end at sunset (but you can hang out later)

A Live Action Roleplaying Game


Goat Larp is a 1 day live action roleplaying event at a goat farm in southern Connecticut. Attend in-costume as any character you want and help run live adventures for the goats.


Goats are the main characters. You are the supporting cast.

This game is about running mind-blowing live action experiences for goats. You will act as director and storyteller, transporting the goats to an unforgettable dream world of mystery and magic, etc etc. 

Goat Larp is one part larp, one part hangout-with-animals-and-take-silly-pictures. In some ways, we are roleplaying that this is a larp. 

The Goat Larp Rulebook

Rule number 1 through 100 is BE NICE TO THE GOATS.

Your Character

Show up at the farm dressed as any character you want. You could be an elf, a steampunk, the mayor of space, Hulk Hogan, Darth Vader, whatever.

Your character has no knowledge of how you got to this mystical goat farm, but you can sense that these goats are IMPORTANT. They need to be entertained. You need to run a larp for them.

Goat Activity Cards

There will be a stack of Goat Activity Cards. They are suggestions for activities you can do with the goats. For example:

One goat plays as Frodo, another will be Sauron. Use lawn posts to mark off an area representing Mount Doom. If Frodo visits Mount Doom before Sauron touches him, the world is saved. If Sauron touches Frodo, all is lost.

Another example:

President Goat's cabinet must advise them on an important decision. The fate of the world is in this goat's hands. One post is labeled "World Peace", another post is labeled "Nuke Everything". If President Goat bumps into a post, their decision is made.

Both teams may try to persuade the goats using any (safe) means they can come up. You are encouraged to ham it up, over-act, and monologue about what's going on. This gives the goats a nice, immersive experience.

You may also come up with your own quests. In fact, you should, because most of the stuff we're writing is garbage. 

You can read more ideas for Goat Activities here.

The Story Board and the Goat Happiness Meter

When a quest is completed, you can tack it onto the story board. If you want, write a quest that follows up on a previous quest. For example, if President Goat nuked everything, in next quest they might have to choose between creating a safe haven for survivors or catapulting them into space. In this way, something like a story will emerge, kinda.

As Goat Activites are completed, the Goat Happiness Meter will fill up. When it's full, we'll start a bonfire to celebrate Goat Larp's success.

!!! Important Goat Tip !!!

The Goats are friendly, but may not be cooperative. They may ignore us, or even try to kill us. We can't predict how this is actually going to work. Be prepared for the goats to take things "off the rails". They might also be completely uninterested in your larp adventure. Who knows.

Intense 3000 page rulebook

If you are accustomed to larps where you have tons of explicit character building options and a dictionary of brain cramping game effects, guess what, we don't have any of that. But if this is a big letdown for you, you may use any of these optional rules


Tickets are not on sale yet!

Come back later, ya nerd

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