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Goat Activities

The real object of the game is to play with the goats. We'll provide a few ways to play with them, but you are encouraged to be creative and come up with your own goat games! The goats are very friendly and social. While they may not understand what's happening, they are super into-it. 


There will be a stack of quest cards. They are suggestions for activities you can do with the goats. For example:

One goat plays as Frodo, another will be Sauron. Use lawn posts to mark off an area representing Mount Doom. If Frodo visits Mount Doom before Sauron touches him, the world is saved. If Sauron touches Frodo, all is lost.

Another example:

President Goat's cabinet must advise them on an important decision. The fate of the world is at stake. One post is labeled "World Peace", another post is labeled "Nuke Everything". If President Goat bumps into a post, their decision is made and all our fates are sealed.

Humans may try to persuade the goats using any (safe) means they can come up. You are encouraged to ham it up, over-act, and monologue about what's going on. This gives the goats a nice, immersive experience.

You may also come up with your own quests. In fact, you should, because most of the stuff we're writing is garbage. 

Goat Resolution System

CHOICES are the foundation of an intense dynamic roleplaying narrative. You are encouraged to create DECISION POINTS and PLOT for the Goats, using our Goat Resolution System. Here's an example of how it works:


Two human advisors to the Wise Goat King approach his Majesty. After paying proper respect, they explain the situation in the kingdom--that the goblin people are invading from the north. Announce that one treat represents DESTROYING THE GOBLINS IN WARFARE, and another treat represents MATING WITH THEM. Then, present your cases to the goat and have them choose the fate of the realm.

Using the Goat Resolution System, Goats may act as King Solomon, adjudicating dramatic, overwrought intercharacter conflicts.

Or you could use the Goat Resolution System to divine the future, letting a goat play prophet and give your character a life changing "reading".

We believe that the Goat Resolution System is the future of larping, and are eager to see our genius goat resolution mechanics stolen by other larps, out of jealousy.

We will also have a bunch of Lawn Posts available. You can use these to mark off zones (ie Mordor, Valhalla, Camelot), or offer the goats choices. 

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