Regarding the Plauge:

Given how fucky the world is right now, we cannot predict when we'll be able to have 100-person gatherings again. Goat Larp is not cancelled, but it is probably rescheduled.

  • Plan A is to keep our Goat Larp date (July 18th). At the beginning of the Summer, if it sounds like meeting in July would be too risky / irresponsible, we'll move to Plan B.

  • Plan B is to kick the event down the road a few months. We'll keep doing this until we will land on a spot when we can actually gather.

If you purchased a ticket, but cannot attend the rescheduled event, we will refund your ticket. Unfortunately, our ticketing service charges a transaction fee (about $5) that we cannot refund. Reach out to Goat Larp FB account to discuss it with us. 

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